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The SleepFit360 Sleep Analysis plan is your pathway to transformative sleep improvement. With our state-of-the-art Z3Pulse device, you'll embark on an experience that pairs AI technology with the expertise and personal guidance of our sleep coaches. As you implement recommendations and meet with your dedicated sleep coach, the plan typically takes between 30 to 60 days.


Begin with our sleep and wellness questionnaire, followed by a week of detailed at-home sleep tracking with the Z3Pulse device.  Our AI analyzes your sleep, crafting personalized reports filled with actionable insights. You will then be able to schedule your first live one-on-one coaching session with one of our expert sleep coaches.

This plan includes two private sleep coaching sessions. You'll track your sleep, have a coaching session, change your behavior to improve sleep, track again, have a second coaching session, and then track for a third week. These targeted interactions provide a structured pathway to enhance your sleep quality and see yourself improve.

Beyond coaching, you'll receive all the benefits of the Starter plan, plus the ability to download and share your comprehensive reports. Intuitive and advanced, the SleepFit360 app, Z3Pulse device, and our coaching sessions are your next step towards better sleep and wellness.

  • SleepFit360 Sleep Analysis

    Perfect for those looking to get unparalleled actionable insights to improve their sleep and health
    • Sleep & Wellness Questionnaire
    • Z3 Pulse Device for Deep Insights
    • 21 Nights of AI-Personalized Daily Health Reports
    • Personalized Examination by Sleep Expert
    • 2x One-On-One Live Sleep Coaching Sessions
    • Recommendations with Actionable Insights
    • Invites to Monthly Presentations by Leaders in the Field
    • Access to Our Library of Knowledge
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