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The SleepFit360 Starter plan is your gateway to better sleep. Begin with our sleep and wellness questionnaire, designed to understand your unique sleep habits. Your responses will be personally examined by a sleep expert, who will identify key areas for improvement. This plan includes two private live sleep coaching sessions, providing a platform for direct interaction with a sleep expert. You'll receive personalized advice and strategies to enhance your sleep quality and efficiency. 

Beyond coaching sessions, you'll get actionable recommendations to guide your journey towards better sleep. Plus, you'll receive invites to monthly presentations from sleep field leaders and gain access to our comprehensive library of knowledge. 

Affordable and convenient, the SleepFit360 Starter is the perfect first step towards better sleep.

  • SleepFit360 Starter

    • Sleep & Wellness Questionnaire
    • Personalized Examination by Sleep Expert
    • 2x Private Live Sleep Coaching Sessions
    • Recommendations with Actionable Insights
    • Invites to Monthly Presentations by Leaders in the Field
    • Access to Our Library of Knowledge
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